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In essence, branding can be described as providing your company’s products or services with a distinct name and brand that customers can recognize and remember well when they decide on you and your competition. Branding and identity for corporate entities are tightly linked because the former concept mirrors and encompasses the latter. 

The identity is a part of the corporate philosophy, and branding could make the company’s philosophy concrete and evident in the form of a legally-constituted entity by way of the use of a trademark.

Amid the countless brands out there, providing your product with a distinctive name and brand isn't an easy task. Seth Godin gave some useful tips when he stated "Today the only certain method of failing is to become boring. The only way to succeed is to be exceptional." In a highly competitive market, the ability to create exceptional products makes a company stand out from the rest of similar products.
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The most remarkable products will require a unique branding strategy and as well as exceptional packaging. The packaging should not have a conflicting meaning with the brand's name. If you're selling goat's milk, the branded packaging should reflect that and what the buyers of goat's milk prefer to see.

This is where we get to the issue of conducting a market and consumer study to determine exactly what appeals to your customer base to ensure that you match it to your brand's packaging in a way that is appropriate. The primary goal for your company is to generate profit and thus generate sales. If customers appreciate your product the brand's reputation increases and repeat sales increase which in turn boosts your profits. 

Conducting consumer surveys is a great instrument to assess whether your packaging with a branded logo is doing its job. It can also be an opportunity to discover patterns that may lead to the growth of your brand. The highest level of glory for a brand is when a brand's name is a synonym for the product, and it is embedded in the minds of the people who purchase it. 


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